Friday, September 11, 2015

Best Medicine

My best medicine is seeing my boys smile and happy! Yesterday I received the best medicine in the world when one of Trenton's coaches sent me the pictures that I have posted below. It's been a huge rollercoaster ride lately. Although our whole life is a rollercoaster, its just been a really sleep deprived, bumpy ride lately. I was running out of gas and I refueled yesterday when I got these pictures. T-man was happy and smiling. Even though he was sleep deprived himself, it sure didn't show.

 I am guessing he is clapping here! When he gets excited, he claps great big!!

 He also did a great job coloring yesterday which hardly ever happens

 Look at these pictures. This is the best coloring job he has ever done! So proud of you Trenton!

Waiting for Mommy to pick him up for the doctor.  I took him to see his psychiatrist yesterday. We decided to add another medicine for him to take at night for sleep. I hope this helps! I decided yesterday that I just can't keep on going on 1-2 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period anymore and neither does Trenton. So I decided to add another medicine for him to help him at night. I sure hope this helps!!! He had his first dose last night. After he went to bed around 1 AM, he slept till 7:30. That is the most consecutive amount of sleep that he has got in months!
I love this picture. You can see the boys watching me getting out of my van and heading to the door to get them:)
As I was in my van headed to Harsha to pick Trenton up for the doctor, I heard a commercial on the radio about sleep deprivation. The commercial was talking about how lack of sleep takes years off of a person heart. Wow! Well, I have already started having heart problems a year ago. That commercial hit me hard and I told myself right then and there that I had to do whatever it takes to get him to sleep. I can't afford for years to be taken off of my life. I need to live to be the oldest woman alive so I can make sure my boys are taken care of in this life.

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  1. WoW! ...Look at that coloring...he definitely is starting to grasp the concept of staying within the lines!!! Love it!!! This is huge, T-man!! Nana is so proud of you!!!!