Wednesday, September 9, 2015

In Agony

Thank goodness for a few of the individuals with severe autism that are able to communicate. We can learn the most from them!!!
I am reading the book, I Am in Here. This is just a picture of one small paragraph from her mother's book. Elizabeth was able to type and describe things to her mother. In this paragraph she describes being in agony.

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  1. What broke my heart into when I read that book was when Elizabeth said, "I wish sometimes I wasn't so smart, so I wouldn't realize I had autism, and that I was different from other kids." How horrific would that be! The sad thing is, children with autism are, for the most part, very smart, and they are very much aware of things around them, they just can't let us know!!!..As the book says, "they are in there!" Deep within that normal looking body is a "normal" child that wants to come out and be a part of our world. Their brain is simply wired differently and won't allow it!!!