Thursday, September 17, 2015

Trenton is playing with my Cars Toy!

Trenton played with some toys tonight that I have not seen him play with for a very long time. His therapist at Harsha said the same thing about him this week too!

Tonight, Trenton played with Hoopers Store, the store from Sesame Street.
 He also got Andrew's Cars toy from his room and took it to his room to play with.
It was a realization tonight of how much Andrew realizes about Trenton.
As Andrew and I walked into Trenton's room and saw him playing with Andrew's Cars toy, Andrew looked at me and smiled great big! Then he said with the most excited voice ever, "Mommy. Trenton is playing with my Cars toy!!" Then he took off running to his room and grabbed his cars to play with Trenton.
Andrew said running back in to Trenton's room, "Mommy. Will Trenton let me play with him?"
Unfortunately, Trenton would not let Andrew play with him but it was the happiest I have seen Andrew in along time! He was beyond thrilled Trenton was playing with one of his toys appropriately!

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