Saturday, September 19, 2015


My two favorite boys had a great week at Harsha and Preschool!

Andrew was the star student this week in his class at preschool! Andrew and I put together a poster board of pictures of his family, pets, favorite things. Andrew shared his poster board at circle time last Tuesday. Last Wednesday and Thursday he got to bring in a favorite toy each day to show his classmates at circle time. Andrew brought in Tow Mater and Dusty.

Here are the pictures he had me print off of his favorite things:)
His teacher said he did really good and enjoyed showing his class his pictures. She said he did the best when talking about his pets, Pepper and Sugar.
His teacher tells me everyday when I pick him up that he is going great! I am so happy to hear that:)

Trenton had a good week too! He continues to work hard. His day time medicine is working great, as of now. He seems so much more aware of things at home and Harsha says the same thing too!
His new sleep medicine is not working....doesn't surprise me. It has been 5 years of little sleep and I am confident it will continue to be like this forever....

A few pictures of Trenton from Harsha this week.

He looks so focused playing with his coach.

 I love the pictures of him cooking with a mitt on!!

 Every day on our way home from Harsha, we pulled in the county fair grounds and watched the elephants for a few minutes. There is a circus in town in two weeks but obviously the elephants arrived extra early!

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