Thursday, September 17, 2015


The pictures don't do it justice but this is yet another example of my life!
For the people that know me, know that I take pride in the things that I have and own. I am a hard worker and don't slack for anything.
I once would look at a yard like mine and say, "What the heck. Those people need to take care of their yard." However, now I don't look at a yard and think anything anymore. The person that lives there might be a sleep deprived Mommy with no extra time on her hands whatsoever!!

I'm sure you can guess what I did today when I got home at noon.....that is right....I mowed this ridiculous yard!

The moral of this post......You never know what the person is going through behind that terrible yard.


  1. That's funny....but not really!!! I recently thought the same thing when I saw a yard that looked liked yours...then..I thought....No, those folks may just live a BUSY, craZy life!!!!! We just never know what anyone else may be going through!!!! .. some things matter in life...some don't!!!!


  2. ....and By the Way, are so right...the pics don't do it justice...I saw your yard last weekend, but the kids were outside playing, so I couldn't mow...and then when we transitioned them inside, we were much too busy!!!!! ha!