Monday, October 26, 2015


It has taken 5 years but I think that Trenton has finally learned how to fall asleep in his bedroom. I think Trenton has fallen asleep in every room of our house except for the utility which means I have slept everywhere except for the utility as well. I think back to what I have went through with him in the night and it is just simply something that no one can understand except for another autism parent.

This morning I was talking to another autism mother. Her son is a young man now. He still wakes up in the night and doesn't sleep through the night. Fortunately, she said that he has learned to stay in his bedroom. However, when he was younger like Trenton she said he would run wild in the night going all over her house just like Trenton.

Nonetheless, it has been hard work to achieve this but I have finally got Trenton in the habit of staying in his bedroom until he falls asleep. This does not mean that he just lays in bed until he is able to fall asleep. He will lay in bed for a little bit and then he will lay on the floor. Before I know it he is up and pacing in his room...then he is back on his bed....then he is cuddling in a corner of his room on the floor.....then he is laying in the middle of his floor on top of his stuffed animals.....then he is back in his bed and so forth. I can not be happier with this small accomplishment! Something so natural and so simple hasn't been simple for us. Instead it has been one of my worst nightmares on this journey.

However, I couldn't be happier to say that Trenton stays in his room until he falls asleep. Plus, when he wakes up in the night,  I have forced him to stay in his bedroom as well. I am in his room with him and I have to lock us in his room otherwise he would be running all over the house. It was torture to try to get him to stay in his room. However, through all the sweat, tears, tantrums, meltdowns, and everything else that Trenton and I have went through, we have accomplished staying in his bedroom with his door locked when he is awake in then night. When he finally falls back to sleep and if Andrew is not up for the day already, I open  his door and try to get what sleep I can.

Ever since he got the purple monkey that is in this picture with him, he takes it everywhere with him around our house. I am surprised he has not taken it to Harsha with him but he hasn't. It is just by his side at home:)

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