Friday, October 23, 2015

Pumpkin Works

Andrew and Mommy had a great time today at Pumpkin Works! It's amazing the difference in mild and severe. I would never be able to take Trenton to a place like Pumpkin Works. I long for the day when I can...even if he is a 50 year old man, if he can finally handle it, I will take him:)

Andrew completely wore me out there! He definitely enjoyed himself. I am so blessed that God gave me a child that I can enjoy taking places even if it is a little harder than the average child.


The corn maze even had a Frozen display. It was perfect for Andrew because he is really into Frozen again right now.
We even took a hayride. Andrew loved it!! The smile on his face when we rode through the woods was priceless!
During the hayride, we stopped at the pumpkin field and everyone got to pick out a pumpkin.
Andrew was proud of his pumpkin.

Andrew enjoyed the different slides they had there.
He really enjoyed the corn room! What a good sensory break!

Earlier in the day, Andrew had pancakes! He even got to decorate his pancake like a scary pumpkin!

I never know what Andrew is going to say. He can say some of the sweetest and strangest things ever! Today while we were eating breakfast Andrew looked at me and said, " I'm so glad God gave me you." I am fairly certain that I have probably said this to him before. It doesn't matter how long ago, he still remembers and said it to me. So sweet:)

A bad wreck happened right before us yesterday morning. We were stuck in traffic for about ten minutes. We were so close to the wreck that we could see the man trapped in his vehicle. Andrew was focusing on the fire trucks and ambulances but he finally noticed the man. Andrew said, "Mommy that man needs a band aid."
Today, Andrew said, "I wonder if that man got his band aid, Mommy."

A few days ago I asked Andrew if he wanted cereal for breakfast. Andrew said, "My head wants cereal but my stomach doesn't want it."


  1. Looks like a fun time! Wish Nana had been able to go with you! I am so glad God gave him the best Momma ever, too!!!!

  2. Wow. Does Pumpkin Works have an adult day? That looks like a blast. Andrew was sure having a good time. Mommy too.