Thursday, November 12, 2015

Andrew's Birthday

Andrew had an amazing birthday yesterday! Plus, it was just the beginning of his many celebrations. He has another one today, this weekend, and the following weekend. The great thing about Andrew is the fact that he just doesn't love his birthday, he loves other people's birthdays as well. For example, he shares his birthday with one of his coaches from Harsha. The first thing he did when he got to Harsha was wish Natalie a "happy birthday". Last night when we were celebrating as a family, he asked me, "Mommy why isn't Natalie here?" He wanted to keep on celebrating with her. When we sang "Happy Birthday" to Andrew last night he also sang it but said "Natalie" in place of his name. He continued to sing happy birthday to Natalie off and on all night long!

Both boys were excited for the big day!
 Having fun with the Frozen balloons before we started our day.

After we dropped of Trenton at Harsha, Mommy and Andrew ate pancakes at IHop. Andrew doesn't have school on his birthday because it is also Veterans Day. Therefore, he got to spend the morning doing what he wanted.

I went in to Harsha to celebrate his birthday with him there.
 His cake at Harsha!

 His birthday buddy, Natalie.
 His coach Charley showing him how to hold up four fingers!
 His lead coach, Lisa, whom Andrew adores even came to his party on her day off and gave him a present!!! We just love all of our coaches!!!
 Party at home.
 Yes the theme for his party this year is  Frozen. Andrew has asked for a Frozen birthday since his birthday last year.  I think it is because the first time he watched Frozen was around his birthday last year and in his mind he had Frozen and birthday going non-stop. Its just how his brain works:)

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