Saturday, November 21, 2015

Andrew's final birthday party

Andrew celebrated his birthday with the Conrad's today!! The boys had a great time with everyone. Once again Andrew was blessed with some great gifts.

Andrew was such a sweet little boy and let Trenton open half of his gifts. Andrew can be such a great brother:)

Reading his birthday cards with Uncle Sol.
Oh, What's that Grandpa!!!!
 It's a Spiderman scooter!!

Andrew was too excited about his gifts, he wouldn't look at the camera. He just wanted to look at all of his gifts.

Trenton loves the Spiderman scooter too!
I love Trenton's face in the background of this picture! Trenton loves birthday parties!!!
Putting together his Spiderman Lego set.

Trenton did an amazing job playing with toys today! It was the best day that he has had in a long time playing with appropriate toys!!! It is amazing what we can get excited about!!

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