Friday, November 20, 2015

Better to give than to receive

Andrew has been talking a lot about Christmas ever since he was at his cousin Lincoln's house last weekend. (They had their Christmas tree up so that triggered it.) Anyway, as Andrew and I were talking about Christmas on Thursday, I explained how it is more important to give than to receive. I asked him if he would like to help some less fortunate kids and he said, "Sure Mom!"
I said, "You know how you love to open presents?"
Andrew says, "Oh yeah, Mom. I love presents."
I said, "Well, would you like to help Mommy buy some presents for some kids whose Mommy and Daddy can't afford presents?"
Andrew says, "Oh they don't have money for  toys?"
I said, "No, some parents don't have money for toys so we should help them so they have toys for Christmas."
Andrew says," Ok, Mom. But can you save money for me so I can have some toys?"

I also went on to explain how some people don't have a lot of money for food either. Andrew said, "They have mouths to eat with right?"
I said, "Yes they have mouths but just not money to buy food with."
Andrew said, "Ok we need to buy them food as long as you save money to buy me food too."

This morning when Andrew woke up the first thing he said was, "Let's buy toys and food for some kids today."

I found a great charity place in town and Andrew and I bought some toys for the less fortunate kids and we bought some food for a Thanksgiving drive.

Here he is buying a toy:)
 He picked out green beans, corn, and spinach:)

Andrew with his three bags of toys, socks, and bath bubbles:) He made sure he carried all three bags into the charity place and handed them to the lady. He said, "These are for the kids."
 He walked into the store and dropped his two bags of groceries into the Thanksgiving food drive container.
 I was beyond proud of him today. If I had tons of money, Andrew would have spent it today on others and not himself. He kept on picking up toys and he would say, "The kids would like this Mom."
It is amazing what a person can teach a young child. This world is becoming more scary by the day. If more people would just teach their children at a young age about how to treat others, than maybe this world would be a better place!

Later in the day, Andrew ask me, "Do the kids have their food yet Mom. They need to eat it."
I just love his big heart!!!  I am really trying to teach him to always put others first:)


  1. You're raising that boy right. Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Oh what a sweet heart Andrew has!! And you're doing a great job teaching him to put others first!

  3. This "warms" my heart this Holiday season, little "A"!!! I agree with Mary and Meredith...children are never too young to be taught the importance of helping those less fortunate. God "loveth a cheerful giver!" Andrew is a special, little boy with the biggest heart for such a small child!!! Thank you, God, for giving him to our family.