Friday, November 6, 2015


I feel like I have had a very rewarding mid-week this week!

I attended a fantastic parent session with the ABA therapist from Harsha on Wednesday.
Andrew didn't have school on Thursday because it was parent-teacher conferences. I went to his conference on Thursday morning and I was pleased with the report that I received:)
Andrew could not understand why we went to his school for a short time on Thursday morning.  He wanted to stay and have was so cute:)

On Thursday evening I attended an excellent seminar on special needs planning. It was so nice to sit in a room full of parents with special needs kids! I enjoyed meeting all the moms and dads. IT WAS SO AWESOME!!!
 It is sad to say the least on what parents have to do to prepare for their dependent child's future. Wow! I left the seminar feeling great about myself because I am educating myself on what to do and trying to take care of things now because after all, no one is promised tomorrow. However, at the same time, I left and just wanted to cry. It is so sad the hoops that parents have to jump through when having a special needs child. Nothing is easy! Unfortunately, it is so sad how the whole system is set up. The system tries everything to not help dependents with special needs. If a family hasn't educated themselves then they are only do harm to their dependent and the loved ones who are left taking care of them upon their death.

So tonight I leave this message to parents of healthy children without disabilities....Please thank your lucky stars. Please thank the good Lord every day that you have a child that will be independent one day. You don't know how lucky you are.

To the parents of kids with disabilities...If you haven't started looking into special needs planning please do so asap! I thought I was doing some things right but wasn't. The system is not going to help you. It is a huge fight so you best get started now!

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