Sunday, January 31, 2016

35 Years of Blessings

On the eve of my 35th birthday, I can't help but think how blessed I have been in my 35 years of life. It has had many trials. It has had lots of heartache with the loss of my first pregnancy, two children with autism, and a failed marriage that is ending in divorce. Nonetheless, God has blessed me and I am so very grateful! I have been blessed with an extremely supportive family who understands and "gets it" when it comes to autism. God has placed the right people in my life to help get my family where we need to be in order to provide the boys with the best functional life possible. With that said, we have been blessed with the best "Harsha" family!! God has blessed me with autism and I totally look at autism as a blessing. It is very hard and it breaks me every day but it is such a phenomenal blessing once you allow yourself to live the life that God gave you and to turn your heartache into joy.  So many blessings in my first 35 years of life that I can't possibly name then all. I hope God grants me many more amazing years with my two blessings, Trenton and Andrew.    

Here are the cutie patooties all tucked in bed....hopefully for the night!! Now that would be one awesome birthday gift:)


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