Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Difficulty of Stores & Restaurants

Right after I became a mother, I couldn't wait to take Trenton out to a store or simply anywhere to show him off. I was just so blessed and happy to be a mom. I wanted to cherish every moment and every adventure that I could. Needless to say, Trenton wasn't  the kind of baby that you could take places. He cried the majority of the time and that is no exaggeration. Even as a baby he cried the second I would step foot in a store....well we all know why now! He cried the whole entire time in the car and now I know that was his sensory processing disorder. Thankfully, as of now, he enjoys riding in the car and it meets his sensory needs.  Simply put, he cried all the time and we could never do anything from the time he was born.
The picture below is of Trenton and I. He was three months old and it was the first time he didn't cry walking into a store! I was so excited!! I had to get a picture!!! He was not crying and we were out of the condo. I was on cloud nine! However, that was the last time he was able to handle a store for a very long time.
I am beyond excited to report that Trenton and I worked on this challenge on Saturday and we were very successful!!
I took him to the restaurant that I have been taking him to for the past few years and he was great!!! I was so proud of him. In fact, when we sat in our booth, he typed pizza on his communication device and said pizza countless times!!

I was beyond proud of him!! It was very hard for him but he made it through and filled his belly up with his favorite pizza!! Of course, his giraffe and dvds went with us as well!
A simple act of taking your child to a store or a restaurant is often taken for granted by so many people. It is such a simple task, right? Well, it should be. Sadly, for many families like mine, it is often a nightmare that ends in hell. I am so thankful and blessed for our amazing time on Saturday!

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  1. He also did well in a few stores!!! YaY, Tman...Nana is very proud of you!!!! Love and hugs!!!