Wednesday, February 10, 2016


I rarely talk in detail about the boys therapy programs. However, I like to throw a few high and lows out there every once in awhile.
Here are a few of the boys "highs" at Harsha lately.

Trenton manded for “marker” from a peer and waited five minutes without complaints before receiving it.
• Trenton manded “Rosie” and initiated ring around the rosie with a group of four (the game lasted over two minutes!)
• Trenton spent 15 minutes at his home base with no complaints.

• Andrew completed 18 different three step patterns/sequences without any prompts from his coach.
• Andrew has been engaging in different group settings by answering questions and not attempting to leave.

Way to go boys! I love you and your hard work so much!!

Harsha knows how to show the boys a good time too!!

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  1. Way to go boys! Nana and Pops are very proud of you both!!! Keep up the hard work .. it always pays off in the end!!! I am so glad time for a little plain "fun" is in your day!!! Kudos Harsha!!! :)