Monday, February 8, 2016


Obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD, is a genetic disorder that generally causes extreme discomfort. Sufferers are often riddled with persistent and recurrent impulses, thoughts and images that are unwanted.
OCD can be very severe in people and control their lives. OCD is very severe with Trenton and Andrew is moderately affected by OCD. On some days, Andrew is severely affected too. It just depends on his day. OCD is a characteristic of autism.

This morning we had OT at 8 AM. Trenton went back to his therapist room. He left behind one of his animals. Andrew could not handle the fact that Trenton left his animal. Andrew broke down crying and started to breath real heavy. Andrew went into a full blown meltdown because Trenton left behind one of his animals. I tried everything to calm Andrew down. Nothing worked. Andrew ran to the door that leads to the therapist room but it was locked. Andrew was crying and pounding on it yelling, "Trenton needs his animal."

I finally got a lady to unlock the door for me so I could interrupt Trenton's OT session to give him his animal. When we got back to the waiting room a lady said, "He suffers from bad OCD, doesn't he? I know that was beyond a typical child's reaction to their brother leaving behind a toy."
I smiled and was so glad that someone noticed that and that she wasn't there thinking that he was a spoiled child. I said, " Yes, he has OCD and some days it is really bad and others it is not so bad."

As both boys get older, I see more and more issues with their OCD. Both of them can't get things off their mind. It controls their whole day. I just can't imagine living like that!
OCD goes way beyond what most people might think of ...such as food not touching on the plate or constantly checking something. Those are OCD symptoms but OCD can be very severe and life altering.  Severe OCD can make it impossible to work regularly and to take part in family life.

Here is a good article explaining OCD.

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