Monday, February 22, 2016


 Trenton has been sick. I actually took him to a walk in clinic on Saturday. It is very difficult when he can't express what hurts or how he feels. It is just like having a newborn baby every day. However, my newborn baby is 5 1/2 and still can't tell me what or where he hurts at. Nonetheless, I took him and he had some fluid in his ear along with bronchitis. He got his antibiotic shot because he does not take medicine. We are finally feeling much better!!!
It is world of difference when Andrew is sick than when Trenton is sick. Andrew can tell me things, Trenton can't. I hurt more than anyone can imagine when Trenton is sick. The sadness in his eyes just break my heart. Oh how I wish he could talk!! I never stop fighting for you T-man!!! So glad you feel better Bubba!!

Here are a few pictures from Harsha last week! He LOVES that place and so does Mommy!


  1. That's the cutest little piggy Nana has ever seen!!!! So glad T is feeling better!!!! :)

  2. Enjoy your blog. I read it from time to time. You are a true inspiration.