Thursday, February 4, 2016

Trying Times

Will it ever get better for Trenton? That question scares me and I leave it to God every day. All I can do is to provide him with the best possible life that he requires..

Trenton is doing as good as he can be in some areas. He thrives off of structure, schedules, and routine. The slightest little thing can throw him off and it is brutal when he is thrown off. For example, we are just now having success at home with potty training again. The change in routine during the holidays made him regress.

Sadly, it is just not changes in his routine that can make things worse for him, it can be changes in his body. I am not sure what is going on right now but Trenton has had more aggressive behavior at home towards himself, others, and our belongings in our house.  He can't handle any unstructured time or he is causing havoc everywhere.

He will only eat fruit roll ups or pizza right now. Last month it was fruit roll ups and chicken nuggets......and NO he won't get hungry enough to eat anything if I don't give him these two items. I refuse to starve my child and have him end up in the hospital on a feeding tube like many people with severe autism. It's on the internet under autism.....just look it up.

If I don't have these items just johnny on the spot when he wants them he is hitting me, attacking Andrew, running into walls, scratching his head, hitting his head, and doing almost any type of self destructive behavior that you can think of.

Trenton's frustrated noises, squeals,  and screams are very unnerving to say the least. In fact, they scare Andrew and Andrew starts crying and is upset for the rest of the night. Trenton maintains these noises all the time.

Trenton's OCD is getting worse. Almost every time before he heads up the stairs in our house he has to put his foot a certain way on the rug before he will walk up the stairs.
Trenton has to open and shut his dvd cases all the time while rearranging them. His OCD rules his life on certain days. It is very sad and very scary!

Like I said, all I can do as a mother is to provide for him daily, advocate. educate, and leave it in God's hands. is a wonderful thing.

Sometimes we have to go through the hard times to realize just how strong we are and just what kind of character and a person we really are.

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