Thursday, February 11, 2016

Waiting Room

While we were waiting for speech to start Wednesday morning, Trenton entertained the whole waiting room with all of his dvds and animals. I am so used to him carrying his items around that I just don't stop and think what other people might be thinking who are witnessing it for the first time.

The waiting room full of people caught my attention Wednesday. The looks on their faces was priceless! Each and every one of them was in complete shock. Trenton lined his dvds and animals up right in the middle of the market.

Andrew was very protective of his brother too. A little boy walked up to Trenton and asked to look at his dvds. Of course Trenton doesn't respond. Andrew walks right up to the little boy and said, "Those are Trenton's not yours. He can't talk."


  1. This may be one of my favorite posts yet!!! NOT because little Andrew was so rude to that little boy, but it shows his deep love for his brother. I hope, as he gets older, this will continue. I am proud of him for sticking up for Trenton and this Nana certainly feels his inner need to "explain" Trenton to those that don't understand. We love Trenton just the way he is, but we can't hold it against strangers in a waiting room for their less than desirable "looks". How could they "get it?" Keep loving your big bro, Andrew!!

    Nana loves you both!!

  2. Way to go Andrew! What a good little brother you are.