Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Carrie Cariello's Article

There are many parents in this world that have turned to writing to help spread awareness of what autism can do to a person and a family.  I often don't post other articles on my blog. Instead I share them on my FB blog. However, I wanted to share this article. I am getting ready to read this family's book. I am excited to read her book.

Writing is a great way to let others know that there are other people who are walking the same journey that you are. In the past week I have received 3 messages from 3 different parents from 3 different parts of United States. ( I receive messages monthly) All three were absolutely thrilled to have found my blog. I let them know that they are not the only one battling all the issues that go along with autism. Needless to say, I feel the same way when I find articles that I relate to!

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