Saturday, March 19, 2016


We are working through a medicine change right now with Trenton.  Until we get the right dosage figured out, Trenton's hyperactivity and impulse behavior is through the roof! I just felt so bad for him today. He wanted to stop moving but he couldn't. Several times today he got in our rifton chair all by himself and put the tray on. It was his way of trying to keep his body still. He also wanted a car ride. He went out to the garage, sat in his car seat and tried to buckle himself up. Once again, this was his way of trying to stop his body from the non-stop movement that it required.

Some individuals on the spectrum have the need to move a lot, just like Trenton.  Trenton is almost always in motion. His doctor and I are trying to find the right medicine to help him with this.
I often think back to when I taught and student taught. Several of my kids on the spectrum would pace back and forth in the classroom the majority of the day. Can you imagine? Can you imagine living in a body where you have to move constantly? Today was one of those days where Trenton ran all day...he had to be watched with a close eye or he was on top of the kitchen counter or climbing up a dresser.
 There are so many things that are just simply heart breaking with autism. It makes me beyond blessed to have been granted a body without a disability. However, if I could I would trade Trenton in a heartbeat! One of the worst things in life is to watch your child fight challenges daily.

 I love this picture! He even wanted my owl mug with his animals "eating" his pizza.

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