Thursday, March 17, 2016

Reply to Comment about Doctor

I received the following as a comment to my post from Sunday night about my experience taking Trenton to the doctor....

Please excuse my ignorance but I have a couple questions. When you were holding him down, do you think the doctor would have been able to effectively look in his ears? If not, what would you have expected the doctor to do? It may have been a safely issue where the doctor thought he would hurt your son's ear unnecessarily if he tried to examine him. I'm honestly just curious. Thank you, please don't take any offense, and I am not excusing the doctor' behavior.

This is what I have to say in response......

Yes, the doctors would have been able to effectively look in his ears. Doctors have been doing it for
5 1/2 years. In fact they have been giving him shots, drawing his blood, looking in his throat, looking in his ears, looking in his nose with a wire pushed up through his nose to look at his adenoids all while being held down.  I think if a health care professional can draw blood from a small vein while Trenton is having a meltdown, a doctor can examine him while having a meltdown.

An experienced doctor, especially an urgent care doctor, should be fully equipped and ready to examine every person that walks through his door no matter what. Special education teachers get trained on the proper hold of a special needs child in a meltdown. Surely people in the health care profession can get trained on that too?!?!?

Trenton can't help that his body responds to situations like it does. Can a woman who is in labor help from moaning and groaning in pain? I can't imagine a doctor or nurse saying, "When you are done moaning and screaming I will deliver your baby.
Imagine a deaf person walking to a clinic using sign language and the doctor doesn't know sign language. Do we expect the doctor to say, "When you can talk to me I will examine you."
I can list all kinds of scenarios here...... point being, there is no difference. A doctor shouldn't tell me that when Trenton can stop having a meltdown that he will examine him. So unprofessional! To me, it is discrimination! He looked at Trenton as if he was a monster. Do you know how bad that hurts?!?! Would you like a professional doing that to your child?

If a doctor thinks he will hurt a child's ear, then he shouldn't be a doctor! He obviously isn't trained good enough to be practicing as a doctor. Doctors should be ready to go for whatever walks through their door, especially at an urgent care. Not everyone is able to have neurotypical, quiet children.

So to the person who asked these questions, no offense taken. You just really informed me on how uneducated people really are. I am assuming you don't have a child with one darn thing wrong with them. I am assuming you have never had to stand up for your child daily against people who are so clueless!


  1. Sounds like offense was taken. Just like you don't like when people assume things about you or your kids, maybe you shouldn't assume things about the person who left the comment.

    1. I would love to talk to you and I sure you know how to get a hold of me. Have a blessed day

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  3. I'm the person who wrote the original comment. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my questions and educating me about your history with your son and your perspective. I really understand the situation at the doctor's office much better now.

    I also appreciate the comment above about not assuming things about others. I actually have a child on the autism spectrum who does not have the same issues as your child. Thanks again.

    1. Thank you and I hope you have a great day!