Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Andrew's Verbal Obsessions

A week or two ago I did a post about the boys obsessions or in other words, what they perseverate on. I failed to mention one way that Andrew displays his obsessions and that is through verbal communication.   Andrew is very verbal and has no filter. He says everything that is on his mind.  This has really been extremely bad the past few months since the divorce. Andrew is very confused by the whole situation and he lets everyone that he comes in contact know. Some days and weeks are much worse than others. I am receiving some help in this area on how to help Andrew with this issue.  I have narrowed it down to what brings about the worse days and weeks.

It is so heartbreaking to listen to him and what he says. Nonetheless, I can't even begin to imagine having something rule your life to where the thoughts interfere with absolutely everything.

It isn't just one topic or one situation that Andrew gets fixated on. He is fixated on more than one thing. For example, if Andrew is really into a certain toy or a certain game, that is also the center of his conversations to people.

All in all, a lot of Andrew's autism is explained through his verbal speech. His obsessions, what he perseverates on, his anxiety, his social anxiety, etc....I learn so much for Andrew daily. He has many mountains to climb due to his autism and he has his Mommy helping him everyday:)

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