Monday, April 25, 2016

Autism Awareness Game

Over the weekend, we had our third annual autism awareness baseball game in my hometown of Flora, Illinois. I am so proud of my brother, the head coach, who started this three years ago. The boys threw out an honorary ball before the game started.
Trenton was unable to stay for the game. We lasted for the pre-game festivities and that is it. I barely got him to last for that. Until he improves in some areas, I am not sure we will even try it next year with him. He just can't handle situations like that.
Andrew, however, had a great time and enjoyed himself.

Trenton did hand the ball to the baseball player when it was his turn to throw the ball.

Loved seeing the boys in their autism shirts for the day.

 Andrew got his picture with the team. Trenton did not....we were walking to the van at this point.

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