Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hug & Words!

I have two amazing things I want to share on Trenton....

There is nothing sweeter in life than receiving something spontaneously from Trenton. It is few and far between when Trenton gives out anything spontaneously. However, when he does it, it melts my heart. It doesn't have to be to just melts my heart when he does it to anyone.
When I picked Trenton up from Harsha Cognitive Center on Tuesday, I told Trenton to tell his lead coach, Annie bye. I always end our day with making him tell her and the other coaches bye.
Well, Trenton said bye and lend in and hugged her!!! It was so sweet!!! SO SWEET!!

I posted this on my FB page last night.
I love that because it is so true!!!!

For instance, one week ago Trenton was looking for one of his peekaboo animals. He was walking around the house making his upset noises while grabbing my hand and saying, "peekaboo."
I always talk to Trenton as if he can talk back to me. I said, "Where did you put it Trenton?"
Trenton starts making his noises and in the middle of his noises I hear, "I put it over here."
I stopped dead in my tracks and looked at him while he turned around and got his peekaboo animal from the couch. I am probably the only one that would have picked up on the sentence that he said because it didn't come out very plain, but he said it! I guarantee he talks to all of us all the time. Sadly, his brain wiring doesn't allow it to come out.

Trenton James- Keep up the hard work Bubba!! I know your words are going to come out more and more all the time through your hard work!!

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