Monday, April 18, 2016


I have received some great feedback from my pictures over the weekend. All I can say is , Thank you for all the nice comments. I received an email from a follower of my blog. I have never met this lady before but she is a big supporter of ours. One of the first things she said in her email was that a person could never tell from a picture of what the boys and I go through daily. She is so right! A picture is worth a thousand words and yet, it can hide so much at the same time.
For instance, this picture....
is amazing!!! I will not get Trenton to pose like this again for a very long time. I will treasure and cherish this picture always. However, this picture can fool many people. I'm sure pictures like this play a huge role in how people judge children with autism.  For example, if you could see their wheelchair on their brain, society would look at my boys with a softer heart.....I have no doubt!

Don't they both look so normal????? You could never tell from this picture that Trenton has MAJOR sensory problems and that he smears his poop. You can't tell that he spends a lot of his time battling meltdowns and tantrums due to not being able to communicate. You can't tell from this picture that Andrew has major anxiety and social problems. For instance, less than 24 hours after taking this picture Andrew freaked out because a child his age appeared at my mom's house and he didn't know him....therefore Andrew went into social anxiety meltdown and freaked out wanting the child his age to leave. Andrew started crying for me, biting his nails, and insisting that the child leave immediately. I saw his anxiety rise well above then norm in a matter of seconds.
This picture also doesn't tell the verbal obsessions that Andrew fights daily.....this picture doesn't show the rigidness in routine and the effect of the boys when their routine, schedule, and life gets turned upside down.
I could go on and on but you get my point.
So, yes I treasure each and every moment of "normalcy" when I can get it and when I get a picture like this, I treasure it like no other.  I see beyond the picture....I see the battles when I get an amazing picture like this...I see the joy that these two boys have brought to my life. I see so much!
Thank you for everything that you do daily boys. Mommy loves you so much!!!

A few more good pictures from the weekend!

 Trenton was really enjoying the sensory input from the movement of the 4-wheeler! Look at his smile! He was even smiles when I stopped for a picture:)

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