Tuesday, May 31, 2016


My heart breaks for Andrew every time we leave Illinois to go back to Indiana. Every time he cries and that is no exaggeration.
"But I want to live here. This is my favorite place to live." He will say as he cries.
Every time we are on our way there he is elated! Every time we leave he is sad and cries. It breaks my heart.

A few weeks ago Andrew said, "Mommy I liked living in the grey house. That is when I got to see all of my family every day." I said, "I know Andrew. I loved living there too."
Andrew said, "That is where I had Daddy in my house every day. I guess I will start being the Daddy in our house in Terre Haute."
I just smiled and teared up and said, "Yes, you can be the Daddy around here. Mommy may need you to help me with Trenton one day."
Andrew said, " I will be Trenton's Daddy but I want ten more kids, Mommy."

Again, this morning on our way to drop Trenton off at Harsha Cognitive Center, Andrew tells me he is going to grow to be big and strong and be the Daddy at our house.
Andrew has a heart of gold. He has a beautiful, sweet soul for a 4 1/2 year old boy. He is so smart and picks up on so much. He worries about his brother and his family and it is so sweet!!
I have to say, I am doing something right and I can see it in him every day.

He has been a Pops boys lately. I snapped this picture of them cuddling the other night. So precious!

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  1. It breaks Nana's heart, too. It is especially upsetting for Andrew when Lincoln is here when he has to go home. Love and miss you A