Monday, May 23, 2016

Don't Take It For Granted

It's not everyday. It's not every week. It's not every month. It's simply hit and miss when I get affection from Trenton. When it happens, I soak up every minute. I thank God over and over! I cherish it and it gets me through till the next time.
If I can give a small amount of advice to parents it is to never take one hug, one kiss, one touch for granted. Don't take anything that your sweet child does for granted. It is all gifts given to us. Some parents no longer have their child on Earth....some parents have children with disabilities....some parents have children with illnesses, cancer, you name it....there is a lot of stuff out there. So please, don't take one simple hug, kiss, or moment for granted! I know I don't and I never will again.

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