Friday, May 27, 2016

Life Is All About The Small Things

I had my front door open one day this week for one hour. I can count on one hand how many times the front door has been opened.
Why don't I open my front door, you might ask?!?! Well, I can't because of Trenton. Trenton is an eloper. If the front door was open, he would run out the front door and not look back. One time when company was over a guest left the front door open and Trenton took off running out the front door.  It happens and will happen if the necessary precautions are not taken care of.

Trenton wouldn't look before crossing the road in front of our house.  He wouldn't look for cars or any kind of moving vehicle. He would just simply take off and run.
He is an escaper and the only way to control that is to have all doors closed, locked, and the special high locks done at all times. I rarely open my blinds in the front living room. If he happens to look out the blinds and see something in a neighbors yard that he wants, then he will go into a meltdown for it. It can ruin the day! With that said, I have to be very careful about when I can even have my blinds open. I don't worry about the blinds that face the backyard because all he can see is our backyard.

Today I read a story in the news about a family that had some tragic events happen to them. The neighbors reported that the family was "odd" because they always kept their doors and blinds closed and never socialized with the neighborhood. Well, I can tell you that this family had to do what they had to do. They didn't want to live like hermits and not open their doors and socialize. They simply lived the life that they had to in order to keep their child with autism safe.

I would love to open my front door, windows, blinds, etc. OH HOW I WOULD LOVE TO! But I can't. It's about safety. It is all about keeping my child with severe autism safe at all times.

I forgot how great it felt to have the front door open the other day. I felt like I was being "social" with the neighborhood! HAHA!
It really is the simple things in life like opening my front door that means so much to me! When I say life for me is all about the simple, small truly is folks! As simple of giving thanks for being able to open my front door!

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