Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mommy & Me

I had the best morning ever with Andrew. His preschool had a "Mommy and Me" morning. I soaked up every minute of it. I think I enjoy it more and treasure it more than the average mother. Andrew is blessed with being mild so he is able to attend regular school. Trenton doesn't attend school yet so the little things like a "Mommy  & Me" event at Andrew's school is just simply the best thing ever for me.  I, of course, get sad that I won't get to experience that sort of event with Trenton. It is something that I will always long for.

Andrew, on the other hand, absolutely loved having me spend the morning with him at his preschool. Andrew and I had breakfast together, we painted a ceramic tile together, and he decorated a flower pot for me and planted me a flower:) It was awesome!

 Painting his tile.
 There was a variety of d├ęcor that Andrew could have chosen to decorate his flower pot with. However, he wanted to decorate it with hearts. He said, "I want to put hearts on it Mommy because I really love you."
 Planting my flower for me;)

Andrew's teacher did tell me that he actually sat in a different seat this week at school. In his classroom they can sit down at any seat at  the table. Andrew, however, sits at the same seat every single day while all the other boys and girls switch it up. In fact, Andrew tells his peers when they are in his seat and he asks them to move. Therefore, I was very pleased to hear that he sat in a different seat this week! I think its the first time all year he has sat somewhere else!!! Way to go Andrew!!  In an autism house we celebrate the small things....even a different seat is a big thing for us!


  1. Love ❤ that you were able to enjoy this with Andrew! Bless his heart. He did a great job decorating his flower pot....way to go,A. I would've picked the hearts,too! have such a special Mommy!!!!

  2. So glad you had a good day with Andrew. Man alive, he looks like his brother!