Sunday, May 29, 2016

Soaking Up Life's Moments!

One day this week on our way home from Harsha Cognitive Center, I hear Trenton start making his excited noises. Then I hear him say, "Trenton." I immediately start praising him for saying his name and he starts clapping and making his excited noises even louder.
I said, "What is your brother's name?" Trenton smiles and said, "Andrew". Again, he starts clapping and making noises. Andrew smiles from ear to ear and kept saying, "Trenton said my name!"
All three of us were smiling, clapping, laughing, and enjoying the moment all the way home:)

Love my boys to pieces!! Love celebrating and praising them each and every day.
Autism is most definitely hard but it has really made me appreciate the simple things and to soak up every minute of life in a way that I never would have soaked it up before. I couldn't have asked for a better lesson in life than the one God has gave me the last 6 years!

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