Sunday, May 22, 2016

Weekends on the severe end of the spectrum

We made it to Sunday Night!! We survived another weekend trapped like prisoners in our own home. Why do I call ourselves prisoners in our own home? If you are familiar with severe autism, you know exactly why.  We can't go anywhere!!

You know how people go to the store to get prepared for a huge winter storm? They know if the storm hits, they are trapped in their house. That is exactly what I do every Friday and how I feel every Friday. I have a list of items that I know I have to have enough of for two whole days. If I don't have it, I go to the store on Friday before I pick Trenton up from HCC. Why do I do this? Well, I am not like the average mom. I have two children with autism and one of them is unable to go to the store especially when I have my other child with me. With that said, that is why we are prisoners. We are trapped in our house and unable to leave unless we take a drive around town just to get out of the house. Trust me when I say the boys and I are used to taking drives. We have been taking them for 5 years now.

If I don't have an item and Trenton is out of it for two days, it is two full days of meltdowns. An autism parent has to be prepared and always think ahead in order to stop a disaster before it starts. Autism parenting involves strategically planning out each and every detail in order to save yourself from sensory overload, maladaptive behaviors, and much more.

Not every family affected by autism lives their weekends like us.  Families raising children on the milder end are more than likely able to go out and about. However, families raising children on the moderate to severe end can face these circumstances.

This Sunday we were even unable to go to church, so we really felt trapped. However, we survived. The boys had an overall good weekend.  I, of course, made the most of it and treasured every moment with my two amazing sons:)


  1. I totally understand, I have two moderate/severe kids myself. My kids are not isolated only because I have my companion, so we made a point to drag them out of isolation by attending church like you, it is hard to plan to not to be isolated since we felt alone the majority of time, but going to church like you do, literally opened that channel. With time I found a way to befriend the kids, to invite 2 typical children from our ward to play dates in our house during therapy time. So the kids would come to my house, (usually with their moms come and stays with their siblings), so instead of two kids, now we have 4-5, so they the kids play with each other and play with my kids. We try to eat out. It can't be more than 25-30 minutes because after that they can't handle it anymore. We take them to grocery stores, but it has to be no more than 40 minutes. Having someone really helps, so if you're divorced I recommend finding a good person in church that will help you raise your kids, I don't know where I'd be if I din't have my husband's help in the weekends

  2. I feel you, it's been days where we were low on groceries but the thought of going to the store makes me want to scream, I snuck away and stocked up since I am not sure when I can get back to the store. It's so lonely, tiring and to make matters worse I am potty training my 3 yr old who spent the day screaming because it's something new...

    1. It's amazing the things we take for granted in life!...a simple trip to the store with our kids for instance..😡