Thursday, June 9, 2016

The First Time Since We Moved to Terre Haute...

For the first time since Trenton started speech therapy in Terre Haute well over one year ago, I got to sit in one of his sessions. Normally I have Andrew with me and I am unable to sit and observe and take part in his speech and occupational sessions due to having Andrew with me. However, I finally got to sit in his session this week!! IT FELT AWESOME!!! I thoroughly enjoyed watching Trenton in action with his speech therapist. I saw things I hadn't seen Trenton do before. It brought happy tears to my eyes:)
So, how was I able to go? Nana has stayed with us this week. She came to watch Trenton every night while I took Andrew to VBS. Therefore for the first time since we moved to Terre Haute  I had someone who watched Andrew in our house so I could sit in on Trenton's session!!  For the first time in years, I  was away from my house in the evening time for a few consecutive nights in a row! WOW!!!!! I am NEVER out in the world past 5 o'clock. Extra stimulation is the last thing that Trenton needs past 5 at night. So, it felt amazing being out and in public 4 nights this week!! It is just one of those things that most people take for granted.
It was a terrific break for me. It was a great experience for Andrew and Trenton.

Thank you Nana for always helping things happen for your grandsons! It means the world to us!

I can't emphasize enough how GREAT it felt to leave my house at night. It would have never been possible without the help from Nana!

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  1. Trenton was such a good boy this week!...Nana enjoyed her time with him while you and A went to VBS!