Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Be a Blessing to Someone

I heard a phenomenal sermon this past Sunday. I got several things out of the sermon but one of them I want to share with you.
A segment of the sermon was on how to be a blessing to someone else. The preacher said that we could pray to God asking him to help us to be a blessing to someone. He gave several reason of why we should take advantage of our amazing Christian life and be a blessing to someone.  It doesn't matter what you have been through in life, be a blessing to someone. He said to turn our blessings into blessings for someone else.

 Honestly, can you imagine what this world would be like if everyone thought that way!!!

That part of the sermon about blessings was perfect! I related to it on so many levels. I have always been the type of person that went above and beyond to help others. I never thought that I would have so many people help me in my life. I have had people help me in almost every way possible from buying food for the boys...to helping with therapy bills....buying items for the boys that they needed....praying for us....you name it, someone has blessed me in that category! I have and will forever remain grateful for each and every blessing that I have received in not only my whole life but especially since my life went down the road that has autism in it:)

I wrote my book because I wanted to help someone...just one person was good for me.  I wanted to be a BLESSING to someone. I knew what it felt like to have received blessings and I wanted to return it to someone else. If my book is a blessing to just one person then I have passed on that feeling of what it feels like to have an answered prayer,....to have a blessing!

I read numerous books in the beginning of my autism journey that were major blessings to me. All the memoirs and educational books helped me to be a much better mother. Therefore, if my book could help one parent of a child with autism....one neighbor to an autistic family...one family member to an autistic family....one teacher to a child with autism......one community to an autism family, then it was a success! Then I was able to turn my blessings that God blessed me with into someone else's blessings. I bear others burdens like I said in a previous post. I have lots of burdens but I bear others. My book is my way of bearing others burdens and turning a blessing into an answered prayer for someone.

Let's all try to turn our life into a blessing to someone. We all have went through something in our life where we can turn it into a blessing for someone else. 

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