Sunday, July 24, 2016


Andrew got a haircut over the weekend. He used to love to go to the salon and get his haircut. Not so much anymore! He doesn't have the sensory issues with haircuts like Trenton does but he has a little anxiety over the anticipation of a cut.

With all of the said, I somehow talked him into me giving him a haircut. I told him and went on and on about how I could cut his hair just like Trenton's. (I shave Trenton's head with a number 2 guard because he has very severe issues when it comes to haircuts.)
Andrew thought that was the best idea ever! Having a hair cut just like Trenton was going to be great! He, for the first time in a long time, was excited over getting a haircut with a number 2 guard just like T-mans! it was the shortest Andrew's hair would have ever been.

After I cut his hair I went on and on about how cute he was.
I said, "Andrew. No one is going to know that is you. They might think you are T-man in that haircut."

Well that was the wrong thing to say! It was on his mind all day that no one would know that he was Andrew.

"Mommy, they have to know it is me. I am not T-man." I heard numerous times.
At one point he said, "They will know it is me Mom. I talk and T-man don't so that will make people know it is me and not T-man. I am Andrew, not T-man. I don't want people to get me confused with T-man cause I have hair like him now"

All day long he would randomly say, "Mommy it's me not T-man. I just have hair like T-man."

This my friends is the funny stuff that I LOVE about autism. If I don't laugh.....I would cry!!

(People on the spectrum have a hard time understanding jokes.)


  1. ❤ this picture!!!! A is too funny. We will know you apart, Andrew!!!

  2. That photo needs framed.
    Kendalyn got a hair cut too. Let's just say she need it fixed, but I'll take what we got.