Sunday, July 24, 2016

Huge Highlights

I am the type of mother that tells my boys, "I Love You" approximately 50 times a day......ok maybe not that many times but  I am telling you its up there.  Even if I don't hear it back from Trenton, I tell him just as many times as I tell Andrew. 
The past four days I have heard Trenton spontaneoulsy say, " I love you" two to three times each day. Twice he was looking right at me, smiling, and clapping. He knew exactly what he said and he was so happy. Of course, we celebrated and I jumped up and down with him giving him kisses and hugs. The other times, he said it while he was pacing around the house.

So, was it directed at me while he was pacing and not looking at me? I have no idea but many individuals with severe autism are unable to show their feelings or are unable to act happy when they are happy. Majority of the time, when they are happy they can't show it. So, I am going to guess and say that there is a good idea that those " I love yous" that he said when he wasn't looking at me and instead pacing around the house could have been meant for me:) One way or the other I will tell myself they were!!!

Another highlight for T-man is potty training. WOW! He is really doing great and I could not be prouder of him. It has been one of the hardest things that I have went through with Trenton and we started early spring 2015. I battled scratches..being hit at...kicked at by my own son. My hair was pulled by him. He would refuse to go to the bathroom when it was time.....I am not joking when I say we went through what seemed like H-E-L-L! But....we are accomplishing it folks! To top it off, I have went through it all by myself with him. I didn't have a partner who took over after I was hit at constantly by my son for ten minutes. I had to battle through it. So....yes I am very prould of what Trenton and I are accomplishing in the potty training area. VERY PROUD!!! Trenton and I would not be where we are today with the potty training issue if it wasn't for the great team at Harsha Cognitive Center.

Three times this weekend when Trenton needed to pee, he stopped what he was doing and went to the bathroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't have to tell him that it was potty time!!!!  So exciting folks!!! So exciting!
Now, please understand that even though he did that this weekend it doesn't mean that he will do it every day. Autism is a mystery. Trenton has done many things and never did them again. Whatever the case is... I am beyond proud of this boy this weekend!!
It is moments like the ones that I shared with you that makes all the hard times so worth it! It gives me the fire that I need to keep going.

Now don't get me wrong, even through we celebrated a few areas this weekend it doesn't mean that we had an easy going weekend at all. I won't tell you about the other battles....the messess....the house that was destroyed.....the meltdowns due to his inability to communicate and all the other battles we battled through. The good definitely outweighed the bad this weekend. I give all praise and glory to the Lord who is guiding me on the this amazing journey with my two amazing little boys:)

This is how I found him one time when he went all by himself:)


  1. Happy dance!!!!!... I knew you could do it, T!!!..keep up the good work!....Nana loves you!!!

  2. Is that an Ipad? Thats Link when he poops!! LOL

    1. Oh yeah! That's Tman and his kindle!!!

  3. I am proud of T man but I am proud of you too Angie. Such patience. Love endures all things. Great job!!