Saturday, July 16, 2016

Just One of the Many Challenges

Trenton has had several doctors and therapist since he was born. One of Trenton's doctors told me right after Trenton was diagnosed with autism that Trenton's form of autism was the "classic, severe autism" not like the autism that is most often heard about these days. (Autism is at higher rates than years ago but many of the cases are the milder cases.)

One of Trenton's first therapist prepared me for a hard, difficult life with Trenton. She told me that Trenton was one that most likely would be harder to care for as he got older. She prepared me really well for the road that likely lies ahead of us.

Another doctor told me that Trenton's anxiety, impulsive, hyperactive, and sensory problems was one of the most severe cases that he has evaluated.

Yet, another doctor told me, that Trenton will be harder to take care of as he got older due to the severity of his autism.

I like to be told things up front. I don't want anything to be sugar coated and since these doctors and therapist were so truthful with me, it has helped us in many ways.

I have seen a lot of good with Trenton lately but the good is always evened out with the bad.
Tonight, I want to discuss Trenton's anxiety. His anxiety and inability to handle the world is getting worse as he gets older. It was much easier to try things when he was 3 years old compared to now when he is almost 6 years old.

I have worked really hard with Trenton on trying to go out in public. We have worked hard with 3 different stores. It has taken a good year but now in these three stores I can walk in the store with him while he holds my hand. We only last approximately 5 minutes in the store but it is a huge improvement to where he was one year ago. It's autism....meaning baby steps are our life!

Stores and people's houses are very hard for Trenton. He never last long in someone's house. The only houses he loves is his own because it has all of his own stuff in it and Nana and Pop's house because it is the only house that he has known from the day he was born. Other than that...if he goes into your house he doesn't last long and it is only getting worse as he gets older. This is typical with autism in some cases and it proves to be huge in Trenton's autism. There are many indicators of why he doesn't last long in someone's house and I will post those reasons at a later post.

If I take him to an outside event, he still doesn't last long. It depends on his day and he may last longer than if the event was inside. However, it all depends on what stimuli is around. He doesn't take in and release the world around him like you and I do. We look at a ferris wheel and simply see a ferris wheel. He looks at a ferris wheel and sees every color flying at him....every flashing light's little noise that they make that we don't even hear...well....he hears it...the spinning of the wheel starts to come at him and before you know it, he is in sensory overload. There are several great videos on youtube that you can find what sensory processing disorder is like and that is what it is like for Trenton and Andrew on some of the issues.

I did prep Trenton for almost two weeks and talked to him about the fair. I did take him to the fair. I don't do anything without Trenton. I am teaching that to Andrew as well and it is working for us. The three of us try everything together as a family! A family sticks together so we are sticking together through everyone's challenges. Of course if we try an outing, we always need extra hands. Nana and Pops are normally our extra hands. They have been there through it all with us from day one.

 Andrew wanted to go to the fair so we all tried. Trenton got out of the van and walked the strip where the rides were with me once while holding my hand. After one walk down and back, he was fussing and pushing me towards the parking we left! Trenton got out and last about 10 minutes. He didn't like it. His anxiety was going strong the whole entire time. When he pushed me to the parking lot, I had no choice other than to leave. If I forced him to stay  then the situation would become aversive and I would probably never get him to go back again. That is where some people mess up with trying to teach their child with autism. We can't push aversive situations on them...or we are only making things worse.

We tried another event today and Trenton lasted about 5 minutes.

The progress we have made in this area is very slim....and in many ways we are regressing due to his anxiety and sensory disorder getting worse as he gets older.  I won't ever give up on Trenton. There are many grown individuals with autism who still don't go anywhere because they are unable to handle it. All we can do is pray that he is able to improve on some of his challenges.

The boys with their cousin, Lincoln, before we walked the strip in the fair.

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