Thursday, July 7, 2016

Lil A Stickers & Decor

Do you want to know what Andrew's side of the van looks from the inside?

 Yes... I know.....terrible! HA!
He told me it "helps him" to be able to look at all of his favorite characters and things that he likes. This kid is a hoot!

Remember when I posted that he took down his "decorations" in his room?!?!?

Well....we have new décor up! He took down his old characters that he was obsessed with and put up some new things that he is obsessed with lately.
His new obsessions are Angry Birds and Powerpuff Girls. Both were the latest toys in Happy Meals. I had to buy a Happy Meal every single day just so he could get the toy. Buying the happy meal was fine because Trenton is back to wanting to eat only McDonalds' chicken nuggets at night so T-man got the nuggets and A got the toy:) On a side note....I am really staring to know the employees at McDonald's very well......
His room is also decorated with PJ Mask, Finding Dory, things he cut out of magazines that he is "thankful for."

Love my Lil A!! He is the most thoughtful yet funniest kid around!

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