Friday, August 26, 2016

Andrew Pre-School Orientation

Andrew and I had his orientation last night for pre-school. I've been talking to Andrew a lot about school all summer long. He needs a lot of preparation for "new" things. He had a hard time understanding why he was going to have a new teacher and new students in his class. But, after three months, I have him ready to start pre-school at Memorial again this year in the 4 year old class!!

Anyway, orientation went okay. I do believe that we may have some struggles and challenges this year but again that is common with high functioning kids on the spectrum.

Tonight, during bath time, Andrew says, "Moochies, I was nervous last night."
I talked to him for a while and gave him my whole speech like I always do.
Then he said, "Moochies, I was the only one nervous. Nobody else was nervous except me."
I said, "How do you know they weren't nervous? I am sure they were nervous like you."
Andrew says, "No. I was the only one nervous. They did stuff and I couldn't do it and no one talked to me. Can you just go to school with me Moochies?"

We continued to talk for awhile. He broke my heart. He is one nervous little guy about any kind of social setting and his challenges in this area really show when he is around other neurotypical children.
Often, Andrew gets so nervous and is unable to talk. He will get this look in his eyes and he just goes mute. He is afraid to talk and comes upset. Sometimes, depends on his mood, he will just become an extreme follower and copy every move that everyone  makes.
He conveys to me about how  his body does not allow him to talk. It is very interesting to hear him talk about what he feels like. I am learning from Andrew daily and I apply what he says to Trenton as well.

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