Sunday, August 21, 2016

First Event & Pictures

I had my first event as an author this weekend:)
I just love helping others and I feel this is my way to not only help my boys but to help others. It is AMAZING where your life leads you when you let God lead you and accept it. I am very blessed. I wish the boys could have been in the picture but they weren't. I was so tired in this picture. Trenton was up the entire night on Friday. He was so stressed and couldn't settle down. It has been two months since he had a night like that. Of course, the night before his birthday and the night before my event. That is okay. I am used to doing everything on little sleep. It is something that you just get used to after awhile:)
Trenton and I before church this morning. He may not be smiling but I know he is on the inside. He stood there for the picture so I can't ask for much more!!
 Mommy said something funny right here and I captured the picture at the perfect time. I think this picture is the best picture he has ever taken. He is with his Nana and Pops in the below picture.

My words of encouragement today.....Be happy with your life. It is what it is and make the most of it with God leading you!

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  1. Beautiful! Love ❤ that big smile in this picture! Makes my heart happy.