Saturday, August 27, 2016


Love is patient!!! We all know where we have heard that from in 1 Corinthians. Perhaps you have heard, "Good things come to those who wait."

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things can also be found in 1 Corinthians.

Love has spoken more to me in the last six years than it has ever in my past. I have seen what love can do and what love can conquer when love is patient and I have seen what happens when it isn't real.

Since 2009, I wanted nothing more than to have a happy family of my own and I thought I was getting that in 2009. God teaches that we have to be patient and I have learned more about the word patience than the average person.

For instance, ever since I got married and had children, I wanted to do what typical families do. However, that wasn't possible due to the boys' diagnosis and still isn't possible now because my husband left and divorced me.  Times were tough....and still are but I haven't stopped. I am enduring what God gave me, having patience, and believing in what can happen. However, it is possible now for the boys and I as a family of three and it is starting to happen!

One year ago, I didn't know what it felt like to actually get some sleep at night. I longed for that! Now, I am finally getting it:) (I forgot what it felt like to feel human and now I remember!)

One year ago, I still wasn't able to do the simplest of task with the boys by myself. For example, taking the boys just to therapy was almost impossible and required the staff to come outside to the van to help me get inside so one of them didn't run away into the busy road. Now, we accomplish this daily by ourselves.

This summer we have went to a playground by ourselves on several occasions, stores, doctors, and today we went to our amazing neighbors house by ourselves and swam in their pool. WOW!!! Seriously, good things are coming to us. They are small and will never be typical but we are very blessed and grateful for what we are receiving these days. It would have never been possible without love. When love is real, it can conquer anything! God is blessing the three of us. Our love is real. Our love is patient and it is proving what it can do! The boys know too. They know that I believe in them...they know the love is real, genuine, and hopeful love. I teach them and display this every day in my actions. God is working through the three of us and we are achieving things that I have wanted for so long!!!

The boys and I are conquering so much in 2016!! To some people it is nothing but to us it is SOMETHING!!! Patience is the key.  I will continue to pray and hope that our life just keeps on going up and up from 2016 on!!!

A few snapshots from our day!
We were at the playground by 8 AM. When our day starts extremely early, 8 AM is like the afternoon for us!

 The bond that these two are getting is so sweet. Again, it is nothing like the bond of two typical brothers but the smiles they give each other, the way Andrew looks out for Trenton, the way Trenton admires Andrew is just simply amazing to watch daily. I have encouraged this a lot in our life but it has really taken off in 2016.! Children with autism watch and learn just like neurotypical children do.  I talk to them a lot about how to love one another, etc. They both understand what I am teaching them and it is really showing these days!!!

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  1. So thankful for your kind neighbors in offering the use of their pool! I know Saturdays with no structure can be brutal for you by yourself. It looks like they had a fun-filled day! Makes my heart happy!!