Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Where did that come from?

Nothing has ever stopped me dead in my tracks like Andrew did yesterday morning.  I don't even know where to start to be honest.
I have often said and even did a post once or twice before on how I believe that people with special needs are truly God's angels in disguise here on Earth. My boys have not only brought me closer to scripture but they have made me understand a lot of things in the Bible much better.

I also think that some people with autism have a 6th sense. I have many reasons why I believe this in both of my boys.

Andrew,my 4 year old son, sent goosebumps up and down my body yesterday morning. My breath was literally taken away from me, tears filled my eyes, and I froze looking at him in amazement.

Andrew has always been very mature for his age in certain areas. He will often talk like a mature adult. However, what he said this morning would leave almost anyone dead in their tracks. I am sure many adults would never say what he did nor be as mature to say what he did and he is only 4.

I often wonder if Andrew has a small percentage of a savant in him and he will go far in life with areas that no one would have ever imagined at one point in his life.
I won't disclose everything and won't say exactly what he said so no one has any hard feelings but WOW! In a nutshell Andrew told me that he is trying to teach  someone by his example even though he is just a kid, he is being an adult. .....HELLO!!!! What four old says he is doing adult stuff to teach other adults. WOW!!!

Like I said, I am not saying word for word but his words came out of no where! We were getting in our van ready to pull out at 7:15 on our way to OT and the words just flowed out of his mouth. I am still in shock truthfully.
Never has anything remotely close to what he said ever been taught to him. It is more like a young adult lesson and words but a four year old. Andrew has often shown and said things that are very "deep" for his age and it simply shocks me every time. His depth of understanding things in life just blows my mind. He doesn't have to be told anything, he just simply knows.

His maturity and big word choice is very common for high functioning individuals.  It is just amazing what him and Trenton teach me every day. Simply amazing!

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  1. I am in awe all the time at what lil A says, always out of the blue!!.. Good question...where does it come from?. God does work in mysterious ways...one of my favorite quotes.."Let us be silent, that we may hear the whisper of God"..or, perhaps the voice of a child, a special child at that!