Thursday, August 18, 2016

Receptive Language

Another huge improvement in Trenton since his last birthday is his receptive language. Receptive language is the ability to comprehend and understand. Trenton understands everything. It is simply whether or not his body allows him to respond. He never appears to be listening or paying attention but he is. His soul is trapped in a body that doesn't allow him to respond the way a neurotypical persons body responds. I can give many examples...I can give you all the technical terms and numbers that prove that he is improving in this area but I won't. Instead, I will share a cute thing that happened this week.

Every Tuesday Andrew almost always wears his pajamas to go with me to take Trenton to Harsha Autism Center. This Tuesday right before we left, Andrew had to go to the bathroom. After I helped him in the bathroom, I told him to put his pj bottoms back on. Well, apparently he didn't. I didn't notice because his underwear was boxer briefs which look like shorts.
Halfway to Harsha Autism Center Andrew shouts from the back, "On no Moochies. I only have my undies on. I forgot to put my pajama bottoms back on." As soon as Andrew said that Trenton let out the biggest laugh I have ever heard from him. He giggled and he giggled. He kept on trying to turn around in his carseat to get a look at Andrew. I 100% believe that Trenton heard and understood everything and he thought it was hilarious that Andrew was in his underwear:)

I have many other stories on Trenton like this. Some stories are good and some are sad because he understands so much! One way or the other, so proud of him in this growing accomplishment.

BTW, Moochies is my nickname from Andrew:)

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