Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Way to go Andrew!

Two years ago I walked Andrew into Harsha Autism Center for the first time. Two years later I walk him out on his last day in their intensive program. On August 4, 2014, Andrew was seen by the BCBA at Harsha Autism Center and it was recommended after her evaluation that Andrew attend 35 hours a week to receive direct ABA therapy. Andrew had primarily echolalia speech at this time and had splinter skills in almost every area. Andrew had many challenges due to his autism and it was very noticeable which is why he was accepted into an intensive ABA therapy program.

I took  two pictures of his first evaluation...

Now, two years later, I am happy to report that he caught up to his age appropriate levels!!! Through his hard work, he has overcame echolalia and can have a full conversation with anyone. He tests where he is supposed to be at!!!! He has caught up with his typically developing peers!!! I am so proud of him!

I think back at everything that we have done the past two years and it brings tears to my eyes. It hasn't been easy getting two boys out of the car and in the car ,especially a year or two ago when they were younger and had higher needs. We started our journey attending Harsha Autism Center when we lived almost two hours away. Lil A' has came a long way and I am ONE PROUD MOMMY to escort him out of HAC on his last day of their intensive ABA program.

Andrew no longer needs the intensive ABA program, but it doesn't mean that he doesn't have autism anymore. His needs are high functioning and he still has challenges. Andrew isn't fully done with HAC. He will attend their social classes when those get up and going one day. Any type of social building classes is the kind of help that Andrew needs next.

The joy I felt today is amazing! I am just so proud of him. I think back to even one year ago and how much he has overcome since then is amazing!! So proud of you Andrew!!! I know you are going to keep on doing many great things!!

Andrew was the Harsha Autism Center's first kid to advance out of the intenstive program. It's very neat to be the "first". I love how they are going to have all of their kids put their handprint on this gown on their very last day. Hopefully, many years down the road, I can bring Andrew back to HAC as a grown man and he will see his handprint and all the other handprints of kids who have beat challenges to advance to the next level in life.

Here is Andrew with his lead coach, Lisa. I can't talk highly enough of HAC and Lisa. Andrew and Lisa have a very special, unique relationship. She has helped him blossom in many areas and I hope she knows just how special she is to him and me! Our therapists are part of our family. They are people that we will never forget.
 When I walked into Harsha today and was greeted with Andrew wearing the gown and cap that will be worn by others on their last day just made the tears come instantly. Of course, I had to get my picture took with this cute little boy..
Thank you so much Harsha Autism Center for everything that you have done to make this last day possible for Andrew. He wouldn't be where he is today if it wasn't for your amazing support and dedication to him.

He isn't going too far as he is back there tomorrow for an evaluation!


  1. Nana and Pops are very proud of you, Andrew! You looked so cute in your cap and gown. You have worked very hard to reach your goals and I know you will do great in Pre-K too. Love ❤ u bunches!

  2. Sometimes, the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.
    ~ Winnie the Pooh❤️

    Thank you for the kind words. Both of your little guys mean the world to me. I'm grateful daily that our paths crossed.

  3. Congrats Little A, or should I say Big A?

  4. So awesome Andrew!!! That photo of you and your mom brought tears to my eyes!