Thursday, September 22, 2016


Two straight days this week, Trenton has only wanted to do things with Andrew. My heart melts...SERIOUSLY!!!! Trenton goes up to Andrew and takes his hand and leads him to where he wants to go. Andrew doesn't know what Trenton is doing so I remind him that its Trenton's way of talking. Love these two boys and love how they are bonding in their own "special" way.

 Crazy hat day at school yesterday. He was too nervous and anxious to look at the camera and he only put on a fake smile. Poor child just hates going to school.....its a chore every morning to get ready to go but we are making progress!

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  1. These pictures are priceless! It melts my ❤ to see Trenton interacting with Andrew. I bet Andrew is on cloud 9 !!!