Friday, September 2, 2016

Lunch conversation with Andrew

Today at lunch, Andrew just said the most amazing, funny, sweet things.

"When I grow up I am having ten kids. One a girl and the other 9 will be boys."

I said, "Wow, you still want ten kids?"

A says, "Yes, Moochies.  All ten kids will sleep in the same room as me. You are going to live with us so my kids have more than one person helping them and when my kids need help, I am going to help them."

I said, "Well that is so nice of you Andrew. I am proud of you."
Andrew said "I can't wait to have ten kids. It is going to be so much fun helping them and Moochies you better help me with them cause you are going to still live with me."

Oh this boy cracks me up!! He said more...much more. He just kept on talking about his kids.

The joys of parenting is such a blessing!

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