Friday, September 9, 2016


Andrew has been in school for two weeks now. I can't decide yet how it is going. He doesn't want to go but I am able to get him to go. His information about his day is very limited. I am starting to realize that it is hard for him to relay information and he also doesn't remember details or just isnt' able to re-tell the information.  Andrew is great with one on one but his challenges come out when he is in a group.
He tells me he is nervous every day. I always tell him that God is always with him and Mommy is always with him in his heart. I told him that when he gets nervous to picture Mommy holding him tight and to remember that I am blowing him kisses all the time.(We love to blow kisses to each other.) One day last week Andrew said, " Moochies, I didn't catch your kisses today. I had to let them land on my back."
Love this kid!! I just never know what he is going to say:)

In the picture, he is holding up a string from his shorts. The string came from his shorts that he lost that morning at school and he held on to it all day. He named his string, Laser. He told me that Laser made him feel not so nervous that day.

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