Tuesday, October 18, 2016


The boys continue to bond. Oh how I love it! I do my best to educate Andrew on Trenton's noises. The one big issue they have when they are playing together is when Andrew continues to do something that Trenton doesn't like. Trenton makes his upset noises but Andrew can't read cues like that so Andrew keeps on doing what he is doing and Trenton keeps getting more upset and the next thing we have is both boys having a tantrum. Trenton is crying cause Andrew didn't stop and Andrew is crying cause Trenton quit playing with him.  However, it will get better with time. I never thought a year ago that Trenton would enjoy his brother like he is these days:)

I caught them doing laps in the house holding hands:)
 We had lots of fun kicking a beach ball around and playing catch the other day.
 Trenton enjoyed waking Andrew up with me yesterday morning.

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