Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Field Trip

Andrew had a field trip today. I went along and was looking forward to a great time. Andrew and I had an excellent time. However, it was rather heartbreaking at the same time. Andrew did not engage with any of his peers the entire time. I watched as the other four and five year olds laughed and played together. Andrew was glued to my side. The more I tried to encourage him to play with his classmates, the more he got upset. "They don't like me." "They never play with me." are the words that came out of his mouth repeatedly.

I hope and pray this part of his life gets better!

He was really excited to see Tow Mater:)

This picture speaks millions to me....
The whole class has the same color of t-shirts to wear on field trips. This year the shirts are orange. Last year the color of his class t-shirt was blue. It took 20 minutes to get Andrew's t-shirt on him because it was not blue. He kept saying "It's suppose to be blue not orange." He had a very difficult time accepting that the shirts were orange and not blue this year. The first half of the trip, Andrew would not stop talking about the t-shirt. He tried repeatedly to take his shirt off. I wonder if his inability of being able to accept a different color shirt was part of his problem with not even trying to participate with his peers?!?

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  1. It is heartbreaking to witness Andrew around others his age. The only child he is truly comfortable with is Lincoln. I pray this gets better with time.