Saturday, October 29, 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween weekend 2016 was perfect! A perfect ending to a stressful long process that I have been going though since my divorce and it was finally finalized this week. I don't get into a lot of details about a lot of things on here but boy can I just tell you that I have learned a lot about the whole system since my husband first told me he was leaving almost one year ago. The system is not set up to help anyone who is left behind after a spouse leaves a wife and two children with special needs. It was acknowledged clearly by the courts that I couldn't work based on Trenton's needs alone but at the same time it is impossible to get the help that you need.

 One thing that I have been working on since February was getting the house in my name which would have been impossible if it wasn't for a few special people in our lives who literally stop at nothing to make sure the boys and I are okay in this life. The whole process...what I have had to do.....the way I have been talked to because my only income is X amount from my ex husband which isn't enough to live off of so no one wants to approve me for anything because I  bring in X amount for three people. I have been looked down upon and talked down upon because my income is  X amount. It is seriously so WRONG how people judge everyone off of a stereotype. If only everyone knew Jesus this world would be such a better place. Stereotypes would not be known and the only thing known in this world would be good. Sadly, that's not the case.

Anyway, the house is finally mine.....which leads to only more problems now. However, I had papers to get the house in my name and I finally achieved that. I am looking forward to not having any more phone calls or faxing of papers to prove to loan companies that I am not a bum.......atleast for now. I am looking forward to not having to answer to people who know absolutely nothing about autism and why it is extremely hard for a single mother of two children with special needs that lives in a town with no family of why I can't work. SO LOOKING FORWARD TO BEING DONE WITH THIS WHOLE PROCESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

So...celebrating Halloween surrounded by our loved ones in a community that has done nothing but support us was the perfect ending to a stressful, long process!

If you can't tell, our theme this year was Star Wars. We have Andrew to thank for that. However, he is the first one to tell you that he doesn't like Star Wars, he doesn't like to watch Star Wars...he just wanted to dress up as Stormtrooper:)

It was precious to watch Andrew see Lincoln and run to him and hug him. He is truly the only child that he is comfortable with.
Grandpa & Grandma Great with the whole crew!
Uncle Bob with the crew!
My special cousin, Nikki with the Star Wars crew:)

After we went to our few places to trick or treat (We can't do a lot with the Trenton so we do a few and that is his limit. He did fantastic!) we had our annual Halloween campfire and hayride! Andrew LOVED roasting his hotdogs with Pops.


Trenton and Mommy practiced going out in public today. We walked around town holding hands. He did great! He even stayed for a few minutes to watch the parade....although it was more like walking along side the parade for a few minutes and then he had enough.

The number one thing that made this weekend PERFECT was when Trenton walked up to me and said, " I love you." all by himself!!! I didn't prompt him....I had not said it to him first.....he just spontaneously said it! THIS. IS. HUGE!!!!!!!!

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  1. It was one exhausting, whirlwind weekend, but oh, so much fun!! It just got started off on the right foot with our prayer meeting with a few sisters from church...then it was off to Uncle Brian's playoff game in Eldorado, and then back just in time for the Halloween Parade uptown! Andrew got a bushel basket of candy!!!!! He made a little friend at the parade and was soooo good in sharing his goodies!!! Proud of you, little A! You, too, Trenton!! As Andrew was leaving in the van he yells, "I miss you already, Nana!"....made this Nana's day complete!!!!