Friday, October 14, 2016

Love his smile!

Trenton has had some rough spots this week which means Mommy has to. However, it wasn't anything that we couldn't work through. Was it stressful? Yes. Is autism in general stressful? Oh my yes! But, it is amazing moments like the picture below that just erases all the pain away. It is like going through go through the worst pain possible and then you see your child and the pain leaves you because you see your beautiful baby. Moments where Trenton loves on me, snuggles with me, says my name, smiles for a picture...well it just simply erases the pain and anguish that we had earlier in the week with crying spells and so forth.  What an amazing journey I get  to be on with the two best boys ever!!!
I love his smile in this picture. Trenton can take good pictures when he is in the mood and when he sees himself. It almost always has to be a selfie so he can see himself smile.

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